Bus check
A school bus being checked for compliance with safety protocols Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) in Dubai issued 56 offence tickets recently during 1,011 inspections of school buses from 111 schools.

Most violations were related to the lack of compliance with the safety specifications in buses and the failure to fulfil RTA’s technical stipulations for bus seats, exterior and interior designs, lack of operating the electronic rod at stops for picking-up or dropping-off students, and the failure to display the permit in the designated place among others. The campaign covered 111 schools out of a total of 240 schools – some schools are adopting an online learning policy while others have staggered bus timings stemming from COVID-19 related challenges.

The inspections will be maintained throughout the school year as planned. The campaign is part of RTA’s ongoing efforts to verify the compliance of operators with the stipulations in place and ensure the implementation of precautionary measures against COVID-19 on-board.