Abu Dhabi Community police
The Abu Dhabi Community Police Department urged citizens and residents to cooperate and be positive in confronting, combating and preventing crime. Image Credit: WAM

Abu Dhabi: More than 759,000 community members benefited from the activities organised by the Community Police Department in the Community Security Sector of the Abu Dhabi Police General Headquarters, during the first half of 2023.

Brigadier General Dr. Hammoud Saeed Al-Afari, Director of the Community Police Department, emphasised the department’s interest in providing distinguished services to the public, according to the best developed practices, and urged citizens and residents to cooperate and be positive in confronting, combating and preventing crime, pointing to the efforts of the Community Awareness Section in diversifying the means of awareness provided to the public, by participating in various events and activities.


He pointed to the efforts of the “Community Police” in implementing programmes, awareness campaigns and visits, in addition to sending text messages, as part of its keenness to increase the sense of security and safety among members of the communityme and participate in educating them, establishing community councils, educational programs and workshops, as well as community initiatives and organising events to enhance the Abu Dhabi Police march. The force, he said, is keen to continue complementary efforts to spread security, safety and tranquility in society.

11 community councils organised

He explained that the number of community councils that were organised reached 11 during the first half of 2023, in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and Al Dhafra.

This helps enhance constructive communication with members of society, strengthen community partnership, and consolidate positive citizenship and the meanings of loyalty and belonging to the homeland, referring to its pioneering role in advancing the security culture.

Through these activities, the force is keen to educate individuals about their role in combating crime, introducing them to police services and how to benefit from them, as well as discussing social and security issues of interest to various segments of society, such as digital content and its impact on society, prevention of electronic crimes, juvenile care and social reintegration, and positive community confrontation of extraneous behaviours.

Initiatives, campaigns

The Community Police Department also held 128 lectures and awareness workshops on various topics, including combating bullying, enhancing family security, tolerance, awareness of the dangers of the Internet, dealing with social media and warning about the impact of electronic games, and how to protect children, in addition to carrying out 368 educational visits and participation. Focused on educating workers.

During the same period, awareness-raising field campaigns were organised, most notably the Ramadan campaign of obedience and commitment, the campaign to break the fast, the campaign to preserve public appearance, the activities of International Labour Day, participation in the Sustainability Forum in the Zayed Central Library, and field visits to educate users of electric bicycles, in addition to its participation in 105 activities.

The community campaigns also included the World Down Syndrome, Emirati Children’s Day, Karate Championship, World Environment Day. Moreover, 11 events were organised, including Emirati Children’s Day, International Day of Happiness, Sheikh Zayed Heritage Festival, and 20T Cricket Championship.

It implemented 6 community initiatives, which focused on educating school students under the slogan “Safer Schools”, educating workers and all segments of society, a communication initiative, reducing the dangers of electric bicycles, and reducing negative behaviors, in addition to awareness campaigns and programs, including the anti-cybercrime campaign.

“Stay Careful” also focused on preparing awareness programs, building mutual relations with partners and different nationalities in geographical areas, participating in social activities and events, in coordination with geographical departments, and preparing awareness programmes directed at various groups, in a way that contributes to enhancing security, safety and crime prevention.