Car fire
Abu Dhabi Police and Abu Dhabi Civil Defence have shared vehicle safety tips as summer approaches. Image Credit: Supplied

Abu Dhabi: To cut the risk of vehicle fires, motorists and vehicle owners had been urged to adhere to the prescribed preventive maintenance schedule, keeping a fire extinguisher and a first aid bag in their vehicle.

This advice comes as part of an awareness campaign, called “Safe Summer”, in which the General Command of Abu Dhabi Police called for adherence to the necessary safety and prevention measures in vehicles in order to avoid fire accidents, especially during the summer.


Brigadier General Khamis Rashid Al Kaabi, Director of the Criminal Evidence Department, stressed the importance of paying attention to regular maintenance and preventive measures for vehicles, given the smoldering summer temperatures.

When direct sunlight exposure poses danger

Exposing electrical devices and flammable materials in vehicles to direct sunlight (lighters, perfumes, mobile phones, chargers, electronic smokers, sterilization materials), could cause them to ignite, the official added.

Major Dr. Eng. Adel Nassib Al-Saqri, Head of the Fire Department at the Criminal Evidence Department, explained that most vehicle fires are caused by drivers neglecting safety and prevention measures.

He reminded motorists that vehicles contain flammable elements such as liquid fuel, oils, and internal components such as plastic, rubber, and others.

Conducting periodic maintenance under the supervision of a specialised technician, and keeping a fire extinguisher and a first aid bag for necessity in the vehicle, help enhance safety to protect the driver, passengers and other road users.