A car workshop in Ajman. Civil Defence authorities in the emirate have explained that most car fires are caused due to the failure to undertake proper and regular maintenance of the electrical and mechanical systems in a vehicle. Picture for illustrative purposes only. Image Credit: Supplied

Ajman: Ajman Civil Defence launched an awareness drive for car showroom owners as part of its ‘Establishment Safety Initiative’, covering 101 car showrooms. The primary aim of this awareness campaign is to reduce incidents of car fire at auto showrooms.

Major Ibrahim Salem Al Harsousi, Director of the Civil Awareness Branch at Ajman Civil Defence, said car showroom owners have been directed to adhere to safety and fire prevention measures in order to protect life and property.

Major Al Harsousi pointed out that the initiative included a package of the most important instructions and advise for car showroom owners, to be followed to avoid fire accidents and also what needs to be done in the event of a fire.

Meanwhile, Ajman Civil Defence published on their social media platform a set of guidelines titled ‘Safety in the Summer’. This includes six measures to avoid car fires, as well as seven items that may expose a car to a fire hazard if kept inside the vehicle during high summer temperatures.

Prevention at a glance
The avoidance measures include:
— Daily monitoring of engine oil cooling level.
— Regular maintenance.
— Abstaining from smoking.
— Stopping the engine when refuelling the vehicle.
— Closing the fuel tank cap tightly to prevent leakage.
— Keeping a fire extinguisher and be trained on its usage.
— Keeping a first-aid bag and be trained on how to use it.
Seven items that may cause a fire if kept inside a vehicle:
— Inflammable gas bottles
— Cigarette lighters
— Portable charger
— Phone battery
— Electric scooter
— Electronic cigarette
— Hand sanitiser spray bottle
— Perfume spray bottle

Ajman Civil Defence stated that incidents of car fire during the summer have increased in recent years. The authorities have advised motorists to follow all possible safety and security measures to avoid such accidents.

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The authorities explained that most car fires are caused by the failure to undertake proper and regular maintenance of the electrical and mechanical systems of the vehicle, due to high engine temperature and because of leaving flammable material inside the vehicle. They also stressed the importance of conducting periodic maintain checks of the air-conditioning in the vehicle.