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A thankful Shiv Poojan Sanwal with Usman Ullah Mir Dil Khan Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: A Pakistani man has come to the aid of a desperate Indian visitor who attempted to take his life in Dubai.

Pakistani expat Usman Ullah Mir Dil Khan (29), who runs his own travel and tourism business in Dubai, came to the assistance of Shiv Poojan Sanwal (22), a carpenter by profession who was severely injured following the incident.

“He is paralysed in both the legs. Metal rods have been fitted in his legs. He can’t walk. I did not have the heart to leave him on his own,” said Usman, who does social service in his spare time to help the needy.

Pitching in

Usman said he found Sanwal in hospital where he was under treatment. “He had a hospital bill amounting to Dh80,000. I helped pay half the bill. Then I knew he needed more assistance. He was so helpless. So I decided to pitch in. He is like a brother to me now.”

Usman has put Sanwal up in a hotel in Sharjah. Daily, he visits him in his hotel room. He makes sure he is clean and arranges food for him. “I am helping others also. As human beings, we have a responsibility to help one another — especially in these COVID times. It is our duty to be there for those in need of help,” said Usman.

In April, Sanwal tried to take his life. He decided to jump to his death from his apartment balcony on the third floor of a Dubai building.

Fake job offer

Sanwal landed in the UAE in March this year. He came on a visit visa provided by an agent in Mumbai who had promised him a dream job, with which, he would have been able to support his family back in Lucknow. He had paid the agent Rs90,000 (Dh4,534) to come to Dubai. After reaching Dubai, Sanwal realised he had been cheated.

“The agent who brought me here did not give me any work. It was shattering,” Sanwal told Gulf News. A penniless Sanwal’s family debt ballooned back home and he was helpless. Out of frustration, he decided to commit suicide.

“I now regret what I did. I should not have taken such a drastic step. Now all I want is to go back home and be with my family. I feel lucky to be still alive and do not wish this upon anyone,” he said.

Free legal aid

UAE-based lawyer Salam Pappinissery, a social worker, also helped Sanwal by offering him free legal assistance.

“There was a criminal case against Sanwal, in view of the suicide attempt. We made arrangements to speed up the case and transfer it to Public Prosecution. I paid the fine on his behalf,” Pappinissery said.

Pappinissery said Sanwal’s passport was still with the agent. “As soon as it is available, we will send him home,” he added.