A blood test is part of health screenings needed to complete visa formalities Image Credit: Supplied

Abu Dhabi: All screenings for medical fitness certification needed for UAE visa applications are provided at government-approved branches of Capital Health Screening Centre (CHSC).

The entire process takes only 30 minutes, with the reports and medical fitness certificates directly linked to government systems for further visa processing.

The medical test consists of three parts: a physical examination, a blood test, and a chest X-ray – all of which screen for a range of diseases such as HIV/Aids, tuberculosis, syphilis, and hepatitis.

4 million tests

CHSC’s branches across Abu Dhabi City, Mussafah, Al Ain, and Al Dhannah are purpose-built for streamlined visa medical screenings and have completed over 4 million tests to date. CHSC’s systems are integrated with government systems, meaning that guests are not required to collect their physical reports.

Applicants can opt to expedite the process even further by upgrading the visa medical screening to Fast Track or VIP service. These upgraded packages ensure faster results and even same-day results if the screening is done before 11am.

CHSC also offers on-site visa medical screenings for organisations with large groups via their Mobile Clinics.

Ali Al Saffar, Acting Executive Director, Capital Health Screening Centre, told Gulf News: “We have designed a system to ensure a swift screening process, with expert caregivers and technicians stationed across every step of the screening process. Being a M42 company, we have access to some of the most advanced technologies which enables us to continue elevating our services.”