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Active Abu Dhabi initiative is set to foster a generation that is not only physically active but also mentally resilient. Image Credit: ADEK

Abu Dhabi: In a major push to inspire the youth of Abu Dhabi towards greater physical activity and holistic health, Active Abu Dhabi, a collaborative initiative between Emirates Foundation and PureHealth, has announced its ambitious goal to reach over 25,000 students by end of 2024.

The target will be achieved through its Abu Dhabi Education and Knowledge (ADEK) School Talks. Led by Mansour Al Dhaheri, Founder of Active Abu Dhabi, and endurance athlete Arjuna ‘Fish’ Don, this impactful programme is set to foster a generation that is not only physically active but also mentally resilient.

ADEL School Talks

The ‘ADEK School Talks’ commenced in April 2023, following the completion of Swim 62, a daring 62km swimming challenge undertaken by Al Dhaheri to conquer his fear of water. This initiative, coupled with his subsequent 400km rowing journey across 11 islands in ten days during Row Abu Dhabi, showcases his belief in overcoming adversity through dedication and hard work. To date, the talks have reached over 8,750 students across 26 schools and are planned to extend to an additional 70+ schools by the end of the year, with a focus on rural communities and the Al Dhafra region.

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Real-life challenges

The curriculum is enriched by the real-life challenges faced by Al Dhaheri and Don, emphasising not just physical health but also mental resilience, teamwork, and nutrition. These talks are crafted to provide a holistic approach to wellness, illustrating the powerful themes of goal setting and overcoming adversity through the riveting narratives of Swim62 and Row Abu Dhabi. The initiative aims to inspire students to embrace a proactive approach to health, encouraging families to explore wellness together and participate in community events, thus fostering a collective movement towards a healthier, more active lifestyle.


Mansour Al Dhaheri, Founder of Active Abu Dhabi, said: “The essence of the ADEK School Talks is to nurture a generation that is both physically active and mentally resilient. Our partnership with the Emirates Foundation and PureHealth has been crucial in advancing our mission to inspire every student in Abu Dhabi. We aim to show youth that their background does not define their future — hard work and dedication do. By engaging students, teachers, and parents, we are creating a community-wide movement towards improved health and active lifestyles, highlighting the crucial benefits of holistic wellness.”

Motivational content

Active Abu Dhabi is set to enhance the motivational content of future talks by incorporating more athletes from previous missions. This strategic expansion is designed to provide an inclusive and comprehensive educational experience that reaches every corner of the emirate. Active Abu Dhabi is dedicated to advocating, inspiring, and encouraging holistic well-being across the community. The initiative includes a variety of activities that promote community engagement, environmental awareness, and the empowerment of youth through dynamic and impactful projects. Active Abu Dhabi’s calendar of events offers a range of activities that encourage movement and foster community, aiming to raise environmental awareness and inspire the youth of the emirate.