Dubai Police 'On-the Go' initiative help resident report minor cases at petrol stations Image Credit: X/Dubai Police

Dubai: Dubai Police revealed on Friday that some 395 individuals including senior citizens, people of determination, and pregnant women, benefited from the free car repair service under the “On-the-Go” initiative.

The initiative allows certain categories of citizens to benefit from this unique service offered by the Dubai Police.

These individuals, who had experienced minor accidents, were able to have their vehicles repaired at approved workshops and returned to their residences in collaboration with Emirates National Oil Company (ENOC) and AutoTrust (Al Rostamani).

Dubai Police’s statistics show that around 3565 individuals have benefitted from various services offered as part of the “On-the-Go” initiative since its launch.

Fast-track service

On-the-Go - available at 138 partnering petrol service stations - issues reports and helps motorists clear formalities related to minor accidents, insurance claims, and lost and found items. The process is fast-tracked and completed within minutes, by dedicated staff trained by police.

The motorists don’t need to visit a police station or use the police app if they prefer to obtain a hardcopy of the document.

Six services

The initiative, which is offered by Dubai Police in collaboration with ENOC, ADNOC, and Emarat, caters to six services: Reporting minor traffic accidents, reporting accidents against unknown party, lost and found service, car repair service, Police Eye service, and E-Crime service.

Captain Majid bin Saeed Al Kaabi, Head of the “On-the-Go” initiative, said the service has achieved significant success since its launch.

“The initiative generated 1679 reports of minor traffic accidents submitted by the public at petrol stations across the emirate, 496 reports against unknown party, 265 cars repaired, 129 reports through the Police Eye service, and 996 lost items returned to their owners,” he revealed.

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Al Kaabi added that 7973 staff members from 18 entities, including ENOC, ADNOC, Emarat, Dubai Taxi Corporation, Emirates Transport, the International Centre for Security and Safety, First Security Group, Red Security, Aman Security Training, Transguard Group, Emirates Auctions, and several hotels, have undergone training on how to help people with the “On-the-Go” service.

Al Kaabi emphasised that the initiative has significantly simplified procedures for the public, reducing the need to visit police stations for minor traffic accidents, saving time and efforts for both individuals and the police.

How it works

The On-the-Go staff at the service stations receive from motorists documents such as the driving licence, vehicle registration and insurance certificate. The staff take pictures of the vehicle damage and issue the accident report needed to process the insurance claim.


The fee for the On-to-Go service is Dh150. The service is free for senior citizens, people of determination, and pregnant women.