Stock Ajman skyline taxi bus street
The school bus accident occurred on February 15 in Ajman. Image Credit: Ahmed Ramzan/Gulf News

Ajman: The father of Sheikha Hassan Bilal, the student who died in a run-over accident near her home in Ajman, will donate the legally-receivable blood money to charitable and humanitarian projects.

Hassan Bilal, the father, said: “It was agreed with one of the charities operating in Ajman that upon receiving the amount of the legal blood money, it be deposited into their account in order to start building a mosque and the remaining money will be used to dig wells in a needy country. I entrusted my brother to follow up the procedures and implement charitable projects for the soul of the deceased.”

Sentence upheld

Last week, the Ajman First Court of Appeal upheld a sentence against a school bus driver following the death of Sheikha Hassan. The sentence included a six-month prison sentence and payment of Dh200,000 blood money to the family of the deceased.

The accused was convicted of running over the deceased student on February 15 in front of her house upon her return from school in the Hamidiya area of Ajman.

The student, who boarded the school bus, had alighted from the vehicle next to her house, and was walking in front of the bus when she was run over. She sustained serious head injuries and died.

Prosecution records show that the driver of the school bus did not abide by traffic rules.