Dubai Municipality recently participated in the World Beach Clean Up Day (September 21) with the participation of community members, students and 12 government and private entities.

The campaign, running until October 11, aims to raise public awareness on the importance of beach cleanliness, highlight the threats to the marine system, and promote environmental awareness indicators.

“Dubai Municipality is keen to support all initiatives and campaigns related to sustainability and by sustainability, we mean preserving all natural resources through which we minimise the risks posed by the use of other resources harmful to the surrounding environment,” said Abdul Majeed Saifaie, director of Waste Management Department at Dubai Municipality.

“The campaign aims to raise awareness among beachgoers on the importance of maintaining cleanliness and full commitment not to throw cigarette butts and waste on the sand. It also aims to motivate more volunteers to take responsibility and meet the challenges of the marine environment and public utilities.”

During the event, awareness visits were organised for the beachgoers by the municipality’s education and awareness staff. They were given awareness on the provisions of Local Law No. 11 of 2003 on public health and community safety in the emirate of Dubai. The symbolic character ‘Nazoof’, which was created to express the profession of cleaning workers in Dubai Municipality, was also used to attract young audiences. Drawing and colouring workshops were organised and gifts were also distributed for children.