Winners Emirates Draw July 13
Emirates Draw winners (Clockwise from left): Rakesh Kepparambath with his family, Jacob Kwame Sabbah and Hany Salem. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: In a truly wonderful turn of events, Emirates Draw has yet again made dreams come true for its winners over the weekend — announcing 9,755 winners and a whopping Dh659,725 in cash prizes for the week. 

The latest Emirates Draw EASY6 and FAST5 games brought immense joy and fulfilled the dreams of three individuals: Rakesh Kepparambath, a resident of the UAE from Kerala; Hany Salem, an Egyptian citizen from Cairo; and consecutive EASY6 winner Jacob Kwame Sabbah from Ghana.


Despite their diverse backgrounds, all these winners share heartwarming stories that serve as a testimony to the incredible opportunities offered by participating in Emirates Draw games.

Welder wins Dh75,000

Rakesh Kepparambath, a 36-year-old hard-working welder from Kerala in India, has faced his fair share of struggles in life. Striving to provide the best life for his young growing family here in the UAE, he took out a personal loan to cover their increasing expenses.

However, the weight of the monthly instalments became overwhelming, forcing him to make the difficult decision of sending his beloved wife and three-year-old child back to his hometown Kerala.

The pain of their separation weighed heavily on Rakesh's heart, but he never lost hope.

Emirates Draw presented him with the opportunity and a source of hope for him. Every spare dirham he could gather was set aside for participation in Emirates Draw and the hope to have his wife and child close to him always.

Fate has its miraculous way, something extraordinary in store for Rakesh. Just last week, he purchased a FAST5 Emirates Draw ticket, never imagining what was about to unfold.

The moment of truth arrived as the top raffle prize winner of Dh75,000 was announced, and to Rakesh's surprise, his name was displayed during the live draw show.

Overwhelmed with emotion, he started receiving screenshots from his friends confirming his win.

Tears of joy streamed down his face as he shared, “Ever since knowing of my win, I have been calculating my finances to speed up the reunion with my family here in the UAE. This amazing win has surprised me, bringing great relief and answers to the prayers I did every night before going to sleep for my family."

Rakesh's story is not the only one touched by the transformative power of Emirates Draw.

Egyptian man bags Dh50,000 prize

Hany Salem, an IT professional from Egypt, stumbled upon an Emirates Draw article on the internet of an Ethiopian national missing Dh100 million by just one number but still winning big with MEGA7.

Fascinated by the Ethiopian winner’s win, Hany decided to give it a try and created an account with Emirates Draw.

Although his eyes were set on the Grand Prize, little did he know what awaited him.

As he casually checked his emails before bed, a congratulatory email from Emirates Draw caught his attention. Dismissing it for a promotional email, he thought nothing of it and went to sleep. The next morning, curiosity got the better of him, and when he logged into his account, he was greeted with a shocking sight.

His credit balance displayed a substantial Dh50,000, indicating his win as the second prize winner in the FAST5 raffle.

Overwhelmed with joy and a sense of financial security, Hany revealed his innermost thoughts saying:

"For so long, I saved up for my dream trip to explore other countries and experience new things.

But the uncertain job market and global economic instability left me confused. Should I hold onto my savings for a rainy day or pursue my passion for travel?

This raffle win has given me the peace of mind and confidence to follow my heart. I hold onto the hope of winning the Grand Prize one day. I have already purchased my tickets for next week’s draws, fuelled by the belief that miracles can truly happen."

Defying all odds

Another winner story stands as a shining example of hope and inspiration. Jacob Kwame Sabbah, a machine operator from Ghana, has defied all odds and captured the hearts of many with his back-to-back wins of Dh30,000 within two weeks in Emirates Draw EASY6.

His remarkable wins have not only instilled a renewed sense of belief but have also ignited a deep wave of compassion as he selflessly dedicates his winnings to uplift the lives of his community members in Ghana.

Reflecting on his extraordinary journey, Jacob narrates, “I have been playing with Emirates Draw for a long time, hoping for a big win but have been settling for small amounts. This never discouraged my determination and the consecutive EASY6 raffle wins have reignited my faith in miracles and the importance of perseverance.”

He said, "My community in Ghana faces numerous challenges, particularly the shortage of safe drinking water. This prize is an opportunity to make a difference and is a blessing from the Almighty. I wholeheartedly commit to investing my winnings in their welfare. Seeing them thrive will be the greatest reward!"

The inspiring success stories of Rakesh Kepparambath, Hany Salem, and Jacob Sabbah have touched the hearts of many, encouraging them to dream big and aim for extraordinary wins.Top of Form Emirates Draw EASY6 game is set to broadcast live on July 14, 2023 at 9 pm UAE time while FAST5 on July 15, 2023 at 9 pm UAE time.

Participants can take part in Emirates Draw games by purchasing their tickets from the official website or app, available on both Android and Apple stores.

The upcoming games will be live streamed across Emirates Draw's digital platforms, YouTube, Facebook, and the official website.

Emirates Draw EASY6

The simple weekly draw held every Friday at 9 PM UAE time, offers participants multiple wins at a competitive entry price and featuring an epic Grand Prize of AED 15 million, and 6 Guaranteed Winners of AED 15,000 each.

Emirates Draw FAST5

FAST5 is an exceptional weekly game, held every Saturday at 9 PM UAE time, offers participants the opportunity to win a life-changing Grand Prize of Dh25,000 every month for 25 years and 3 Guaranteed Winners of Dh75,000, Dh50,000, and Dh25,000 each.