Lovesy Mole Achamma
Lovesy Mole Achamma Image Credit: Supplied

Abu Dhabi: Lovesy Mole Achamma, a registered nurse working in Abu Dhabi, was named the lucky winner who took home the Dh20 million grand prize of this month's Big Ticket Abu Dhabi draw. The draw was conducted live on Saturday in Abu Dhabi. 

A press release from the Big Ticket team said the Indian national, who has been a resident of the UAE for the past 21 years, resides in the capital with her family. Her two children study in India, the release added. In fact, at the time of her win, Lovesy’s husband was back home enrolling their daughter, who is set to begin her studies this year.

Though her husband used to purchase Big Ticket cash prize tickets every month, Lovesy said she only buys her tickets at the in-store counter at Abu Dhabi International Airport when travelling. She will be splitting the prize money with her brother-in-law and plans to donate a portion of her winnings to charity. A separate sum, she says, will be spent on her children’s higher education.

Four Indian nationals, other than Lovesy, won smaller prizes in Saturday's draw and the other four prize winners were from Pakistan, Bangladesh, Turkey and Nepal.