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Sharjah: Sharjah City Municipality (SCM) has announced the deployment of 293 inspectors who will oversee various areas, including markets, food establishments, as well as monitoring any negative behaviours.

Obaid Saeed Al Tunaiji, Director-General of Sharjah City Municipality, said this proactive approach aims to prepare for the Eid Al Adha holidays, providing an optimal environment for both residents and visitors.

As many as 110 inspectors have been specifically assigned to intensify control over food establishments like restaurants, bakeries, and shops selling sweets and nuts. Additionally, they will oversee barbershops and beauty salons. Another group of 183 inspectors will focus on monitoring any disturbances to the overall appearance, particularly unauthorised butchers. Furthermore, they will oversee the prohibition of the sale of fireworks.

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Recognising the increased demand for sacrificial animals, the SCM has taken measures to increase the number of veterinarians at the Sharjah slaughterhouse and extending their working hours to effectively manage the surge in demand.

Safety at slaughterhouses

Al Tunaiji explained that the municipality will increase the number of veterinarians in the Sharjah slaughterhouse and increase the number of working hours to follow up on the high demand for slaughtering sacrifices, where doctors examine the sacrifice before and after slaughter to ensure its safety and health, and that it is free of any diseases in order to provide safe and healthy food to consumers, pointing out that the municipality will intensify its control over livestock shipments received from the port of Khalid Port, where the municipality supervises the quarry for livestock at the port, and sterilises and disinfects when necessary to avoid any diseases.

Overseeing beaches

Al Tunaiji pointed out that the beaches of Sharjah are tourist destinations that witness a great turnout during Eid, and in continuation of its supervisory role, the municipality will intensify control over these beaches, increase the number of inspectors and lifeguards to deal with any emergency cases, strengthen the safety and security system, and urge the public to adhere to the instructions.