Glendale International School aims to empower young minds with world-class education rooted in British values

As the dynamic city of Dubai continues to soar in global prominence, a brand new educational haven is ready to make its mark. With a meticulous focus on innovation, creativity, well-being and holistic development, Glendale International School, aims to empower young minds with world-class education rooted in British values.

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The new school is an initiative of Singapore-based Global Schools Foundation (GSF), which has presence in 10 countries with over 35 campuses, and boasts more than 450 international awards in both educational and organisational excellence from world’s leading award bodies.

Conveniently located in Oud Metha, Glendale International School ensures a conducive learning environment, designed to nurture the leaders of tomorrow and foster intellectual, social and emotional growth.

The school’s Apple-powered ecosystem will equip students to be digitally proficient in a technology-focussed future. The school also boasts thoughtfully-designed spaces that promote multi-sensory learning, metaverse labs, unparalleled sports facilities and dedicated spaces for art and music.

The well-crafted creativity-led curriculum, based on the National Curriculum for England (NCfE), is designed to meet the rigorous academic standards. It encompasses a diverse range of subjects from mathematics, sciences, humanities, arts, language and design technology from a tender age ensuring a comprehensive educational experience. But that’s not all. Glendale International School also caters to every child’s language requirements with the provision of learning languages of their choice like French, Spanish, Italian, German, Hindi and Urdu just to name a few.

To realise its vision of excellence, Glendale International School prides itself on recruiting a diverse team of highly-qualified and experienced educators headed by Founding Principal Jasmit Kang. With their expertise and dedication, the faculty are dedicated to creating an environment for the students to thrive and be inspired to explore their potential, embrace new challenges and become true global citizens.

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Recognising the importance of holistic development, Glendale International School, places great emphasis on student well-being. Research shows that inducing positive emotions such as joyfulness, love and appreciation, enhances the ability of students to grasp more information, make better interpretations and experience higher levels of creativity and productivity. Through a range of initiatives, the students of Glendale International School will learn how to navigate challenges, build resilience and maintain a healthy balance in their lives.

As a global city, Dubai celebrates diversity and fosters a multicultural environment. Glendale International School embraces the same ethos and encourages students to be respectful and inclusive thus broadening their horizons and preparing them to thrive in an interconnected world.

Glendale International School commits to being a school that imparts knowledge beyond traditional classrooms for a well-rounded educational experience.