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Dubai Municipality announces on Thursday to intensify field inspections of various restaurants, hotels, markets, food establishments, and retail stores ahead of Eid Al Adha Image Credit: DM

Dubai: Dubai Municipality has announced comprehensive preparations and processes to ensure the safety of food and consumer products during the Eid Al-Adha holiday in Dubai.

The Municipality said it has arranged supervisory and inspection teams to conduct field inspections of various restaurants, hotels, markets, food establishments, and retail stores.

The programme aims to guarantee that these activities and events comply with the safety and health regulations applicable in the emirate as well as food safety standards and legislations to protect the community’s safety and health.


Dubai Municipality has planned several campaigns and inspection and monitoring tours focusing on markets, roasteries and pastry shops, butcheries and food warehouses, hotels, hypermarkets, and supermarkets during the preparation for Eid Al Adha. The civic body said these activities come in line with Dubai Municipality’s commitment to offering top-notch services and all the components required to ensure the well-being and quality of life for the residents of Dubai by setting up a sustainable, healthy, and safe system for food and consumer products.

The Municipality affirmed that it would continue the monitoring and inspection tours in the food sector during the days of Eid Al-Adha to ensure that all residents have access to the necessary elements and circumstances for health, safety, and food security.

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The control measures taken by Dubai Municipality include stepping up visits and inspections of establishments that prepare, produce, and manufacture Arabic sweets, chocolates, and bakery items to ensure their quality during preparation, storage, display, and transportation in a safe, healthy, and sound manner that protects consumers’ health. Additionally, they consider the thermal preservation of high-risk foods like meat and grills, starting with the time of purchase.

Dubai Municipality also highlighted that the residents could contact its Call Centere on 800900, around the clock, with any observations or complaints about restaurants or to learn more about the various health regulations pertaining to food safety and other aspects of health and safety.