Dar Al Ber Society officials revealing details of the Ramadan campaign which kicked off in Dubai on February 15. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: The UAE’s Dar Al Ber Society, a recognised non-profit organisation in the UAE, has launched a massive Ramadan campaign with the aim of collecting Dh160 million for the benefit of tens of thousands of fasting and needy people in the emirates and worldwide.

Dr. Mohammed Suhail Al Muhairi, CEO and Managing Director of Dar Al Ber Society, said the campaign will benefit those with limited income during the month of Ramadan, inside and outside the country.

Dr. Al Muhairi said the campaign for the year isbeiong held under the slogan “O seeker of goodness, Come Forward”. Having kicked off on February 15, the campaign will continue until the end of Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr.

What will the campaign include? He explained that the Ramadan campaign includes 16 Ramadan charitable projects, including four seasonal initiatives. According to Dr. Al Muhairi, Dar Al Ber’s seasonal Ramadan projects package includes the Iftar project for fasting individuals, which will benefit 324,000 people, with 1,080,000 meals being distributed daily across 23 locations within the country. As many as 281,256 fasting individuals outside the country will also benefit from the campaign.

The package of Ramadan projects also includes the seasonal and annual Zakat Al-Fitr project, benefiting 7,700 beneficiaries inside the country and 267,500 beneficiaries abroad. The Eid Al-Fitr clothing project inside the country will benefit 450 families. Eid Al-Fitr clothing outside the country will be provided to 25,837 beneficiaries, besides 5,260 orphans. Food baskets will also be distributed to 2,000 families.

Other targets

Besides the Zakat and Ramadan Basket initiatives, gthe funds will also be used for building mosques, treating patients inside the country and education. The Qur’an printing project will also be undertaken and three model villages outside the emirates will be built. Debts of deserving residents will also be cleared, the official added.

How you can donate

Dr. Al Muhairi said those wishing to contribute to the Ramadan campaign can do so through the website and smart applications of Dar Al Ber, representatives at shopping centres, or by visiting the branches and customer service departments affiliated to the society.