Sharjah: A housemaid who left her sponsor in Abu Dhabi to work with another in Sharjah was admitted to Al Qasimi Hospital for bleeding and miscarriage.

An official at the Sharjah police told Gulf News yesterday that investigation is on to determine whether the miscarriage was a result of an abortion attempt, a serious crime according to the UAE penal law.

The Ethiopian maid, identified as A.D., 22, had no identification and could not verify her sponsor’s address, the official said.

Police believe that the housemaid, who claimed to have run away from her sponsor in Abu Dhabi, tried to abort her four-month-old foetus after an illicit affair with an unidentied man.

Maid’s claim

She claimed that she fell from a ladder while doing heavy household work and experienced severe bleeding. The maid was admitted to the maternity section at the Al Qasimi Hospital.

Hospital sources said that the maid was in bad shape when she was brought to the hospital. She was immediately taken to the intensive care unit for treatment.

Tests showed that she was carrying a four-month-old foetus which was dead. The foetus was later removed.

The housemaid told the police that she had run away from her sponsor’s house and later worked at a house in Dubai.

Illegal worker

The police official said that the maid was working in the country illegally and had no marriage contract.

The maid is under police supervision in the hospital and will be referred to the court shortly.