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Dubai: A gang of six has been sentenced to two years in jail for robbing Dh365,000 and a golden statue from a Dubai-based money exchange.

According to the Dubai Court of First Instance, two defendants posed as policemen and raided the exchange house in Al Refaa area, before tying up the owner and his friend who were inside the office. They robbed the cash and a golden statue before escaping with four other defendants who were waiting nearby inside two cars.

The victim testified that two men in kandoura (the Arab attire for men) stepped inside the exchange house and told him that he was under arrest over a financial matter. “One of them closed the door and the second assaulted me after snatching my phone. They used a computer wire to tie my hands with my friend’s. I tried to resist them, but they threatened to kill me,” said the victim on record.

One of the attackers found the key to the safe and removed the cash, the golden statue, silver and gold coins as well as credit cards.

Caught on tape

A policeman said footage from surveillance cameras identified four suspects who were waiting outside the money exchange in rented cars. One of the suspects was arrested and police recovered Dh17,000 from his possession. “He admitted to committing the robbery with five other people,” the policeman said on record.

Barring two of the defendants, who are still at large, the rest of the gang members were arrested.

Later, two of the defendants attacked the wardens inside the police station’s detention centre and damaged the properties there.

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The defendants were sentenced to two years in jail and fined Dh374,000 for the robbery. Two of the defendants were sentenced to an additional six months in jail and fined Dh900 for assaulting policemen and damaging Dubai Police’s property at the detention centre.

All the defendants will be deported after serving their jail terms.