Google glass used by Dubai police Image Credit: Courtesy Dubai Police

Dubai: Traffic patrol officers have begun using Google Glass to issue fines and record traffic violations.

“In our continuous effort to adopt the latest technology to help us curb traffic and reduce violations we have begun using Google Glass,” Col Saif Muhair Al Mazroui, Director of Dubai Traffic Police, said.

“The smart glasses are equipped with a camera and directly linked to our operations room,” he said, “Officers who are at the scene of an accident can send live feed and record both major and minor violations.”

Col Al Mazroui said that the glasses can also identify vehicles wanted by the police.

“An officer can simply scan the number plate of a car and access all of its police records,” he said. “Since the glasses are connected to our operations room and databases, wanted cars can be instantly identified.”

Captain Saadi Hassan Ahmad Jasem, Director of the Quality Assurance Office at the General Department of Smart Services, had earlier said that Dubai Police were the first government entity in the UAE to use Google Glass.

“The plan is that every traffic patrol officer will have a Google Glass,” Captain Jasem said.

Recently, Dubai Police had also announced that they have made it possible for members of the public who own Google Glass to use it to report traffic violations through the “We are all Police” Dubai Police app.