Dubai Customs released a photo of the seized pills Image Credit: Dubai Customs

Dubai: Dubai Customs recently thwarted two separate attempts to smuggle controlled drugs and restricted medications via air shipments. The total haul amounted to 171,600 pills.

In the first operation, a shipment consisting of three parcels concealed 96,600 pills of the controlled antidepressant medication Cipralex, weighing 57kg.

The second operation involved 75,000 capsules of the prohibited drug Pregabalin (a specialised painkiller and anticonvulsant), weighing 64kg and distributed in three parcels.

“Employing intricate analysis and precision targeting, these operations underscore the department’s resolute stance against illicit activities,” Dubai Customs said.

“The emirate’s customs checkpoints have been transformed into an unassailable bastion against all forms of commercial subterfuge, contraband trafficking, and the distribution of controlled substances.”