Abu Dhabi Judicial Department. Image Credit: Supplied

Abu Dhabi: The Abu Dhabi Criminal Court has sentenced a man accused of trafficking in firearms and ammunition to ten years in jail and imposed a fine of Dh1 million on him,

Authorities have also confiscated all the items involved in the illegal trade and compelled the defendant to pay the costs, fees and disbursements resulting from the disposal of the seized items.

Undercover investigation

According to a statement released by Abu Dhabi Judicial Department, which oversees courts in the emirate, the accused had engaged in a criminal activity — namely, trafficking of firearms and ammunitions without a licence and had offered them for sale by posting pictures of the weapons and ammunitions on social media.

Once the authorities became aware of the matter, they contacted the ‘seller’ through an undercover agent, who posed as a prospective arms buyer. The agent agreed with the ‘seller’ on the price and the place of delivery. After investigation, Public Prosecution issued an arrest warrant against the accused and a search warrant on his home.

Clear evidence

Based on the warrants issued by the Abu Dhabi Public Prosecution, the accused was arrested, his home was raided and the contraband items were confiscated. The seized items comprised an automatic rifle, its parts and bullets of the same calibre as the weapon.

The court stated that the evidence against the accused was clear, in addition to the accused’s own admission during investigation and his statements recorded along with the seizure and forensic reports.

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Federal regulation

According to Article 3/1 of Federal Decree Law No 17 of 2019 on Weapons, Ammunition, Explosives, Military Material And Hazardous Substances, the ‘possession, acquisition, obtainment, carrying, import, export, re-export, transit, trans-shipment, trade, manufacture, repair, transportation, or disposal of any weapon, ammunition, explosives, military materiel, or hazardous substances shall not be permitted in any way, except after obtaining a licence or permit to this effect from the licensing authority, or from the concerned entity, according to the provisions of this decree-law’.