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Dubai: A woman, dumped by her fiance after a nose job went wrong in Dubai, has sued the doctor and the medical centre.

According to Dubai Courts, the woman had demanded Dh400,000 in compensation for the financial and mental damages she suffered when the cosmetic surgery on her nose went wrong at a medical centre in Dubai. The surgery caused distortion to her face, leading her fiance to break off ties with her. She also had to quit her job.

The Dubai Court of First Instance ordered the doctor and the medical centre to pay Dh50,000 in compensation to the woman. The Appeals Court later upheld the verdict.

The woman claimed in her deposition that she had visited the medical centre for a cosmetic surgery of her nose. The doctor she met injected her with Botox and other fillers. However, after she left the centre, her nose swelled and she suffered a severe headache.

Severe bleeding

“I returned to the doctor, who examined the nose and asked me to put ice on the nose to reduce the pain and swelling. He told me it was just a matter of time before the nose would heal, but nothing happened,” the victim told the court.

She again returned to the medical centre and the doctor then sent her to a surgeon to clean the point of injection and apply an ointment and a bandage.

However, she started to bleed severely from her nose and was transferred to the emergency unit of Rashid Hospital for treatment.

Medical report revealed malpractice and the woman filed a case against the doctor and the medical centre.

Dubai Public Prosecution assigned a medical committee from Dubai Health Authority to investigate the case and the final report from the investigating team confirmed that though the doctor involved had followed all the necessary procedure, yet, his lack of knowledge on certain technical issues created the problem.

10 per cent permanent disability

The report said the doctor didn’t know the exact way to melt the injected material and the woman sustained a 10 per cent permanent disability in her nose due to the medical incompetence. The report also blamed the medical centre for allowing an inexperienced and incompetent doctor to conduct such surgeries.

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The woman claimed that her fiance dumped her after she suffered a distortion to her nose due to the botched surgery, which led to tremendous mental trauma. She also said that she had to quit her job for her treatment and also took a loan to clear her rent and medical bills.