Cycle stands erected by Abu Dhabi municipal authorities around the city. Image Credit: Anwar Ahmad/Gulf News

Abu Dhabi: As Abu Dhabi residents take to cycling in a big way, the city police are going all out to ensure safety on the roads.

The Abu Dhabi Police’s initiative comes in the wake of a study that revealed cyclists are either unaware of road rules and or blatantly ignore them, putting not only their lives but also that of others in danger.

Warning cyclists against reckless riding, the Abu Dhabi Police on Tuesday urged them to exercise caution, adhere to road traffic rules and avoid riding on the main roads. At a special event organised in the capital, the Directorate of Traffic and Patrols in the Central Operations Sector distributed helmets, phosphoric jackets and awareness publications in five languages on safety requirements to cyclists.

The Abu Dhabi Police summoned a group of cyclists after noticing they had violated the rules. They urged them to comply with safety requirements and warned them against the dangers going on the roads without their helmets and arm and knee guards.

The police also instructed the cyclists to get white headlights and red rear lamps with reflective rear lights fixed on their cycles for road safety.

Following the increasing number of cycles on the road, the police also urged them to mind their behaviour.

Positive cycling culture

At the same time, the General Command of Abu Dhabi Police’s Department of Security Information also lauded cyclists for cutting down on their use of traditional transport in an attempt to preserve the environment.

Over the past year, there has been a visible increase in the number of bicycle users in the city.

The authorities on their part have also been encouraging residents to use cycles by installing free bicycle stands at regular intervals on the streets.

Tokyo and European-style bicycle racks can be seen along the roads to promote the use of the environment-friendly and healthy mode of transportation.

What the residents say

Rahmat Hussain, a resident of Elektra street, said, “I use my cycle to commute to work and back. It’s easy, quick and saves money.”

He said the installation of cycle racks around the city had made things easy for cyclists as they no longer had to look for spaces near offices to park them or carry the vehicles up the stairs or elevators into their homes.

Raza, another cyclist, said. “We would constantly worry about losing our cycles when they were parked randomly earlier, but now it’s well organised.” Filipino cyclist Tom Zander said, “I love cycling and I use it to go to the beach and the Corniche and meet friends. I feel comfortable about parking the cycle in the newly installed racks as it is safe.”

Do’s and don’ts for cyclists


  • Wear helmets and knee and elbow guards.
  • Install indicator lights in front (white) and rear of cycles (red)
  • Install reflective rear light
  • Ride only on designated areas
  • Park in designated areas
  • Follow road traffic rules


  • Avoid riding on main roads
  • Don’t park cycles randomly anywhere
  • Don’t occupy Maqaqif parking spots
  • Do not ignore road traffic rules