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Integrated Transport Centre in Abu Dhabi clarifies rules on the use of electric scooters in the emirate. Image Credit: ICT/twitter

Abu Dhabi: Electric bikes with engines operating at 700 watts cannot be ridden without a permit, Abu Dhabi’s transport regulator has said.

Scooters with seats are also not classified as ‘light vehicles’, the Integrated Transport Centre (ITC) of the Department of Municipalities and Transport added in a clarification issued through its social media platforms.

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‘Light vehicles’ can be used without a specific rider permit. Instead, users can use these light vehicles — which include bikes, scooters without seats, and low-powered electric bikes — on internal roads, and while donning the appropriate personal protective gear.

Vehicle specs

The ITC also specified the requirements for scooters and bikes that can be legally used on Abu Dhabi roads:

  • The height of the vehicle should not exceed 165 centimetres.
  • The vehicle should weigh 35 kilograms or less.
  • The width of the vehicle should 70 centimetres or less.

Light vehicle regulations

The ITC has previously published other regulations regarding light vehicle use, including the following:

  • Do not ride bicycles and scooters against the direction of traffic flow.
  • Avoid riding a bicycle or scooter on a road where maximum speed limits exceed 60 kilometres per hour.
  • Do not ride a bicycle or scooter in areas designated for walking and running, including on walking and running tracks.
  • Never hold on to another moving vehicle when riding a bicycle or scooter.
  • Do not take a pillion rider.
  • Wear a protective helmet at all times, and reflective clothing when riding in dark areas.


  • The ITC issues fines between Dh200 and Dh500 for violating these light vehicle use regulations.