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New volunteering opportunities in various fields launched include health, education, environment, infrastructure, and the social sector. Image Credit: X | @ADMediaOffice

Abu Dhabi: Here’s how you can play your part today by donating, volunteering and innovating for charity in Abu Dhabi. Six channels were launched within the Abu Dhabi Giving Campaign to encourage community members to engage in works of charity.

The Social Contributions Authority-Ma’an (Together), the official channel of the Abu Dhabi government to receive social contributions, encourages communities throughout the emirate to participate in the Abu Dhabi Giving Campaign during the month of Ramadan.


The new volunteer opportunities in various fields launched include health, education, environment, infrastructure, and the social sector.

The entity aims to support and empower the community to contribute towards providing sustainable and innovative solutions and creating a long-term impact that benefits the Abu Dhabi community.

Generous gesture

Faisal Alhmoudi, Executive Director of the Social Investment Fund at the Authority of Social Contribution (Ma’an), said: “Abu Dhabi Gives Back is synonymous with the spirit of the holy month, with contributions to the Social Investment Fund crucial to address pressing social priorities.

“The Abu Dhabi community is generous, and we are grateful for contributions shared year-round, but we encourage those who can contribute funds to consider supporting solutions that address the social priorities that matter to community members and enhance their lifestyle.”


The entity’s fundraising covers various programmes, including a collaboration with Khalifa Foundation focusing on the education sector to support low-income families and social schools.

Khalifa Foundation is supported by the Authority of Social Contribution – Ma’an to spearhead initiatives that provide tuition assistance for low-income families, and fund social schools.

In addition to driving contributions to support significant projects targeting key groups of the community, the entity is also encouraging volunteering during the month of Ramadan across an array of areas including distributing food baskets, sports, visits and activities with cancer patients, and distribution of Iftar meals to road users during the breaking of the fast.

How to volunteer and contribute

Volunteering opportunities can be explored, and contributions can be made via www.maan.gov.ae, or through the application available on Android and Apple devices.