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Dubai: Whether you are visiting Saudi Arabia on a visit visa or are a resident who has travelled out of the country on an exit/re-entry visa, it is important to ensure that your visa status is valid and that you are not violating any residency or immigration rules.

For a Saudi Arabian visa, checking its validity can be done through the ‘Muqeem’ website’s visa validity service here: The service does not require users to log in and you can enquire about a visit visa or an exit/re-entry visa by simply providing some basic details, mentioned below.

WHAT IS THE MUQEEM PLATFORM? provides integrated e-services that offer Saudi establishments access to the data of their resident employees, and finalise many procedures with the General Directorate of Passports.

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How to check Saudi visa validity

1. Visit
2. Check one of the two options, which you would like to use to check the visa status:

a. Iqama number (this applies to residents who may be outside Saudi Arabia)
b. Visa number

3. Next, enter the Iqama number or visa number, based on your selection in Step 2.
4. In the next drop down menu, select any other identity detail that you wish to use to cross-verify your identity. This could be any one of the following details:

• Visa number
• Passport number
• Name
• Date of birth
• Iqama expiry date
• Visa expiry date

5. Click on ‘check’.

The platform will then provide you details of your exit/re-entry visa, including whether the visa status is still valid or has expired, the visa type and number, the visa duration, visa issuance date and validity.

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