Kim Seon Ho
Kim Seon Ho Image Credit: Instagram/Kim Seon Ho

South Korean actor Kim Seon Ho is ready for his big screen debut. His fans are excited after his upcoming movie’s new poster was unveiled yesterday.

The poster shows Kim Seon Ho as a mysterious pursuer in his debut film, The Childe.

After his performance in hit K-dramas like Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha and Start-Up, Seonhohadas (fans of Seon Ho) are eagerly waiting for his drama comeback and are looking forward to the actor’s debut movie release this year.

On April 17, Kim Seon Ho’s agency, SALT Entertainment shared the new poster for the movie. The poster showed the silhouette of the actor, with ruffled hair, dressed in a suit, and walking with his hands in his pockets. The background is a blue setting, fitting the noir genre of the film.

Directed by Park Hoon Jung of hit films like Night in Paradise and The Witch series, ‘The Childe’ is drawing attention from fans of Seon Ho, who will play Childe.

According to South Korean entertainment news websites, his character is a mysterious chaser pursuing Marco, a boxer who travels from one illegal arena to another in the Philippines.

The boxer has a Korean father, who abandons him in his childhood and a Filipino mother. After returning to his birthplace, he searches for his biological father. During his search, he comes across conmen who keep an eye on all his actions and chase him.

Post a chaotic chase, Childe appears in front of Marco, who is struggling to make money by any means necessary. After cornering in on his target, Childe makes a mess in Marco’s life, leaving viewers curious to see how the two are connected. The poster also confirms the film’s premiere date for this June.