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Tamil actress Vijayalakshmi, who was hospitalised following an apparent sucide attempt, is stable and recovering, according to her industry friends.

Vijayalakshmi left everyone stunned after she posted a video on social media on July 26 saying that suicide was her only option after alleging online bullying and harassment. The actress also confessed to swallowing blood pressure tablets in the video.

She was later admitted to a hospital in Chennai, where she is now recovering.

On July 27, she posted a second video thanking fans and friends for the outpouring of love she has received in the aftermath. “I was really vexed but nothing was done for drama,” she said in the second video, while requesting the media not to politicise her situation. “I am struggling now and I have been vomiting. My blood pressure is also low.”

Friends rush to her side

Gayathri Raguramm
Gayathri Raguramm Image Credit:

Choreographer and actress Gayathri Raguramm was the firs onet from the film industry to reach out to Vijayalakshmi. When Gulf News spoke to Raguramm, she affirmed that the actress was on the road to recovery.

In a seperate interview with entertainment portal Cineulagam, Raguramm said that she rushed to Vijalakshmi’s side after receiving a call from her sister Usha on the fateful day. It was Raguramm who apparently alerted the police of the incident and made arrangements to admit Vijayalakshmi into a hospital.

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“I felt sorry for her. They [Vijayalakshmi, along with her mother and sister] were sharing a one-roomed apartment,” said Raguramm. “Her mother was completely blank, while Usha was clueless about what to do next. From the conversations with Usha, I understood that cyberbullying had driven Vijayalakshmi to take the extreme step. Being repeatedly called a prostitute and being shamed left her depressed.”

In the first video, Vijayalakshmi had alleged harassment by followers of Tamil nationalist party Naam Tamilar Katchi and its leader, actor-turned-politician Seeman, along with Panangkattu Padai Katchi party’s Hari Nadar.

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Tamil actress Kasturi Shankar also visited Vijayalakshmi in the hospital and spoke out of her YouTube channel ‘Konnect with Kasturi,’ where she stated that suicide was not the answer to anything. “It’s a punishment to those we leave behind.”

Vijayalakshmi has appeared in a number of movies including ‘Friends and Boss Engira Baskaran’ and ‘Missing Boy’.