Shweta Subram
Shweta Subram Image Credit: Supplied

Viral music star Shweta Subram of ‘Jalebi Baby’ fame will serenade audiences at an event in Dubai on August 20.

Subram, who was born in Dubai and resides here, is known for being the voice behind the hit track by Canadian-Indian musician Tesher. The event will be held at Indian fusion-themed restaurant Dialogue at Majestic Hotel.

“I don’t think either of us expected that kind of response,” Subram told Gulf News while talking about the track. “Usually you spend millions on music videos and it’s an expensive affair … But ‘Jalebi Baby’ was a lyrical video but the audiences have given us their verdict and we are loving it.”

Subram has also sung for Bollywood, having debuted alongside Ayushmann Khurrana as a playback singer in ‘Hawaizaada’. She was the youngest vocalist of Indian origin to perform at Carnegie Hall, New York, and has won several awards.

Talking about her love for Dubai, she said: “I was born and raised here. When I moved away from Dubai I felt I left a piece of myself in Dubai. This is a city where I want to live for the rest of my life … And ‘Jalebi Baby’ happened right here when I recorded my part on my dining table and sent it to Tesher.”

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Shweta Subram will perform at Dialogue, Majestic Hotel, on August 20 from 6pm to 2am. Entry by reservation only.