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Sip on freshly squeezed orange juice and lemonade to meet your daily vitamin C quota at home. Image Credit: Shutterstock

Let's be real - hand-squeezing citrus halves over a pot of boiling soup is a sticky business. You might end up swallowing a lemon seed or two, too, which is the last thing you want, especially in a refreshing glass of lemonade. If your household frequently dabbles in zesty fruit of all kinds, it will greatly benefit from a dedicated citrus juicer.

We take you through different types of citrus juicers, which include affordable manual models and effortless electric units. All house a reamer at the top, a conical tool with ridges, that helps twist the seeds out and strain the pulp and bitter pith through a sieve.

Is a citrus juicer worth buying?

From fresh juices to tangy recipes, citrus fruits serve the palate as well as the body in many ways. Rita Medlej (@healthnbeyond__), a Dubai-based nutritionist of four years, and a holistic health coach, said: "Citrus juice is high in vitamin C, which is a powerful antioxidant that boosts the immune system and collagen production for healthy hair, skin and nails. It also helps with absorbing the non-heme iron in plant-based proteins, like legumes and lentils."

The best way to retain all the nutrients is to ensure you're squeezing every last drop of juice. Medlej advises starting with room-temperature citrus fruit.

She explained: "To squeeze all the juice out easily, roll the fruit on the counter and then rotate the halves on the reamer to separate the pulp and the seeds. But, use the juice immediately - vitamin C deteriorates quickly with oxidation. To preserve the optimal nutritional value, store it in an air-tight container in the fridge and use in three days."

While you could peel the citrus fruit and drop the flesh in a regular juicer or blender, Medlej says the yield will be a more pulpy, fibrous drink. Dedicated citrus juicers only produce smooth extract.

Which citrus juicer is the best for me?

citrus juicer
Before making a purchase decision, think about how often you juice, the time you can spare and the available counter space. Image Credit: Pexels/Thomas Boehner

The difference between manual and electric models is a matter of time, budget and convenience. If the kids drink a glass of fresh orange juice daily, then a pricier unit with a rotating reamer and lever mechanism will require less hand strength from you.

Dina Elbaz, an Abu Dhabi-based certified nutrition coach of four years, also known as @f.eat_by_dina on Instagram, says her clients opt for electric juicers when following a detoxification programme. "If your purpose is to make a shot of cleansing juice every day, then it's not advisable to do it manually - use a proper juicer," said Elbaz.

On the contrary, traditional handheld squeezers for lemons and limes deserve a spot in your drawers for day-to-day cooking. Elbaz uses one to drizzle lemon juice over her salads and other meals. It might even help with making a cleansing shot of your own, if you already own a juicer.

Elbaz shares the recipe for her citrus-based immunity booster juice, one she downs every morning before breakfast. She said: "This immunity booster shot is packed with important nutrients, like vitamin C, potassium and fibres, so it also helps in digestion. Blend apple with skin on, a quarter teaspoon of shredded ginger and turmeric, and the juice of half a lemon. You can even replace the apple with orange, but it might be too acidic for some in the morning".

Medlej also shares her go-to lemonade recipe to ride out the remainder of summer. "After you juice the lemons and limes, add a bit of lemon zest, since the peel has citrus oils that are beneficial to us. I skip sugar because citrus contains natural sugars. Then, I add sparkling water and mint leaves. It's a very hydrating, refreshing drink," said Medlej.

We scoured Amazon for citrus juicers that work without a plug, with small fruits like lime, and with large bulk-bought oranges. These highly rated kitchen helpers come with their own set of pros and cons, so you can quickly determine the best juicer for you.

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1. Best Overall: Sage The Citrus Press Pro


  • Power-assisted lever and pointy stainless steel reamer
  • Quiet, powerful motor
  • Works with limes, too
  • Safety switch only rotates the cone when there's enough pressure
  • Easy to clean


  • Juicer needs sufficient counter and storage space
  • Expensive

From the top of the line, you have the Sage Citrus Press Pro - a stunning stainless steel electric model designed for extracting maximum yield. If you juice a lot of citrus, this is the equipment for it - it has a pointy quadra-fin cone that's resistant to the corrosive acid for a lifetime, and a power-assisted lever to take the pressure off your wrist. The reamer takes on citrus fruits of all sizes, from limes to grapefruits, the juices of which strain through the fruit dome and pour out from the spout. Safety features ensure that the cone only spins once it detects enough pressure from the press arm. Impressed reviewers call the juicer worth every coin, saying they get a full glass (250ml) of orange juice in seconds. Several love the efficient reamer for scraping all the fruit from the peel, and say that it's quiet compared to plastic variations. They've also had a much easier time cleaning the unit after every use.

Bonus: Buy with zero per cent instalments and pay Dh92.42 for 12 months with select banks.

Warranty: The manufacturer offers a two-year warranty. Amazon offers a one-year extended warranty for Dh69 and two years for Dh97.

2. Best Manual Juicer: Zulay Professional Citrus Juicer


  • Crushes/presses citrus slowly without electricity
  • Cast-iron stainless steel parts
  • Washable strainer cup
  • Juices pomegranates as well


  • Base might be unstable from the front, but one-hand operation makes this a non-issue

A heavy-duty citrus press for the frequent juicer, the Zulay manual equipment takes a bit of effort. It's meant to go through a large volume of citrus fruit quickly with a simple lever pull arm. A five-inch diameter filter cup made of stainless steel acts like a sieve to keep out any pulp, seeds and other solids. The press is heavier than most juicers on this list, given the weighted cast iron base to keep the juicer in place during manual squeezing. Thanks to the blunt cone, it's even great for crushing pomegranates. Do consider the weight and absence of safety features in this model - it's an industry-grade press that's more suited to experienced users who have an available corner in the kitchen to spare. Reviewers note that they prefer it over electric juicers for its reliability and like the look of it on their juice bar. All detachable parts are dishwasher-friendly. 

3. Best Budget: Braun CJ3000 Juicer


  • 350ml juice quantity
  • Five adjustable pulp settings
  • Space-saving
  • Dishwasher-friendly parts
  • Value for money


  • Plastic body needs to be cleaned after every use to avoid staining

The Braun CJ3000 Juicer is perfect for squeezing one cup at a time, and it's the just right size for your breakfast station. Despite its compact, plastic stature, the juicer operates with electricity, featuring a two-way rotating reamer. It automatically starts turning when the fruit is placed on the cone, stopping once it's removed. You can even control the pulp content with a slider in the front, across five adjustable levels, which reviewers particularly love. All the vitamin C goodness collects into a 350ml built-in jug, letting you pour the juice into any cup of your choice. Buyers have used their Braun machine daily for a long time, reporting no issues. Many comment on the ease of clean-up.

Warranty: The manufacturer offers a one-year warranty. Amazon offers a one-year extended warranty for Dh6 and two years for Dh9.

4. Best Handheld Juicer: Chef'n FreshForce Citrus Juicer


  • Dual-gear mechanism does the squeezing for hands
  • Long extended handles
  • Keeps out seeds and pulp


  • Might have to quarter larger lemons

If a quick squeeze over your salad bowl is all you need, then consider the Chef'n handheld citrus juicer. Reviewers with arthritis find relief for their hands in this manual tool - it has a dual-gear mechanism that increases pressing power and takes the strain off the hands. The FreshForce is made of durable nylon and stainless steel construction, featuring long 10.25-inch handles for a comfortable squeeze. The bottom of the juicer has a sieve-like opening to strain all the pulp and seeds. Buyers do warn that it's a fairly large tool, so make sure your kitchen drawers can accommodate it.

5. Best Value: Geepas Citrus Juicer 


  • Two reamers for limes and oranges
  • Rotates in the direction the hand moves
  • Can store one-litre of citrus juice
  • Anti-dust cap


  • Motor rests after 15 seconds of use
  • Spout may be too low for tall glasses

Another budget-friendly electric juicer, the Geepas unit squeezes both big and small citrus fruits using reamers of different sizes. The attachment cones go on and off easily, spinning in both directions as you twist and turn to get the maximum yield. Its low-wattage motor runs for 15 seconds, before powering off for a quick rest. While the wait could be a dealbreaker for some, reviewers happily use it as their daily juicer. The stainless steel body holds a built-in one-litre juicer jug, meaning you can either store fresh juice for the morning or squeeze the excess into glasses via the spout. Unlike the other units in this list, the Geepas juicer lets you cover the press cones with an anti-dust cap, so it's ready for use at any time of the day. Buyers also note how quiet it is during breakfast prep.

Warranty: The manufacturer offers a two-year warranty.

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