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Car accessories with practical applications can help you organise your car interior and focus on the road better. Image Credit: Unsplash/SHARE NOW

Driving is fun but not so much when you are stuck in peak traffic. At a time when you need to bust distractions and focus harder on the road, it's worth ensuring that all your essentials are at arm's length from the driver’s seat and neatly organised.

Whether it's keeping interiors tidy, charging your devices on the go or drinking your coffee without spilling – here is a list of practical car accessories you didn't know you needed, to make driving a pleasant experience.

We picked these bestselling items based on user reviews and ratings, along with trending finds from social media. Get your gadgets delivered within the same day via Amazon Prime!

1. Best Car Finder: Apple AirTags (4 Pack)


  • See the distance and the direction to the AirTag
  • Only weighs 11 grams each
  • Trigger audio from app to locate items
  • Replaceable battery of one year


  • Doesn't track in real-time, since it needs a network of iOS devices nearby to work

Do you always forget where you've parked your car? Solve this problem in a jiffy, by slipping an Apple AirTag into the glovebox. These reliable, accurate trackers are worth every Dirham, since they guide you to your car even as you move, as long as you're in the parking lot. The closer the car is to other Apple devices, the more accurate it gets. While AirTags only work with the iOS operating system, get a Tile Pro if you'd like to track with an Android device. Reviewers buy a handful to distribute among their wallet, keys, backpack and car. All you have to do is tap open the maps on your iPhone to see where your car was last seen. You can also browse other Bluetooth trackers.

2. Best Gap Filler: Drop Stop (Set of 2)

How often do your phone, keys, wallet and spare change slip into the gaps of your car seats? Spare yourself the hassle and get these car seat gap fillers. Drop Stop offers full gap coverage because it attaches to the seatbelt catch via a built-in slot, meaning even if you adjust the seat, the Drop Stop filler moves with it. It also expands or contracts to snugly fit different car interiors. There are two in a pack, so your passenger can enjoy their French fries guilt-free, too. Drivers with children can't stop raving about the product, saying that it's extremely helpful in stopping food crumbs and droppings from landing on the car floor, among credit cards, phones and trinkets. Others have had their Drop Stop fillers with them for over 10 years, noting how they perform as well as day one. With nearly 45,000 five-star reviews, you can't go wrong with this best buy.

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3. Best Sunglasses Holder: Suncaraccl Sunglasses Holder For Car Visor

Most cars come without a dedicated compartment for sunglasses. You shouldn't have to fumble with the case when the sun's glare makes it hard to see - just reach over your head and unclip them from the car visor. Magnetic sunglasses holders slide onto your car's sun visor and feature a strong magnetic clasp to secure your shades. Our pick is made from soft leather that's wear-resistant and stylish to match the interior. Reviewers say the pair is wider than most holders, so it fits sunshades of various sizes. One holder has enough space to accommodate two glasses, they add.

4. Best Cup Holder: Kastwave Car Cup Holder

Take a peek inside your car's cup holder area - do you have change, receipts, chewing gum, tissues or something random in there? Many of us use built-in cup holders as catch-all storage areas, but the problem with this is that it leaves us with no space for our to-go coffee cups. One innovative way to solve this problem is to get a dual cup holder for your car. Kastwave's option divides a single cup holder into two, effectively doubling the space you can use for coffee, tea, water or extra storage.

5. Best Car Trash Can: Meister Car Trash Bin (with 20 Free Disposable Bags)

Don’t wait to pull over and dispose of garbage from the car to the bin. Keep your car spick and span by tossing litter directly into the three-litre Meistar car bin. Made with a TPR base mat that keeps the can upright and attached to the floor, you can virtually move it anywhere you like in your car, ensuring all passengers have access. It's easy to clean, and just the right size. Reviewers are surprised at how it's never at risk of tipping over. The trash can also comes with 20 disposable bags, so you can put it to use right away.

6. Best Car Charger: UGREEN 130W Super Fast Car Charger


  • Up to 130W of total power output
  • Two USB-C ports, including 100W PD protocol for laptops
  • Features other fast-charging protocols like Quick Charge (QC)
  • Comes with a 100W USB-C cable


  • Charger takes a while to redirect power when new devices are plugged

Charge any three devices to full power with this UGREEN car charger, which comes with 130W maximum output. The car charger features two USB-C power delivery ports and one USB-A port. In fact, the 100W Power Delivery (PD) port is specially designed for laptops - it can fast-charge MacBook, Dell, Acer, HP and other USB-C-enabled computers by the time you arrive at your destination. Plug your devices into this charging port and never run out of juice when you’re on the road. It even comes with a 100W type-C cable to save you from making additional purchases. Reviewers say they appreciate the support for various manufacturers, charging models from Apple, Samsung and Xiaomi.

Warranty: The manufacturer offers a two-year warranty.

7. Best Wireless Car Charger: iOttie Easy One Touch Wireless Dashboard & Windshield Mount


  • One-hand functionality
  • Qi-compatible charging device for Apple, Samsung, Google and more
  • Windshield and dashboard mounting options
  • Telescopic arm pivots and extends
  • Comes with its own car charger


  • Heats up phones when charging
  • No fast-charging protocol

If you prefer a wireless car charger, iOttie's charging mount is a safe bet since it supports Qi-enabled devices, which include both Android mobile phones, like Samsung S7 and up and Google Pixel, and iPhone 8 and up. With dual mount options, you can either stick the gadget to the dashboard or fix the mount to the windshield using the suction cup. The telescopic arm extends and pivots the phone for safe viewing angles. It also comes with a charging adapter for the car and a USB-C cable, so you don’t have to purchase them separately. Reviewers say it has a sturdy hold over bumpy roads, but they do find their devices heating up, especially in the summer. See other wireless charging mounts.

8. Best Mini Fridge: Crownful Mini Fridge Cooler And Warmer, 4 Litres


  • Portable four-litre warmer and cooler
  • Can go up to 65 degrees Celsius
  • Comes with a dedicated car adapter
  • Quiet operation


  • Might be small for family-sized snacks

If you travel long distances daily, it may be worth investing in a car cooler and warmer to store all your food and drinks. This personal fridge/warmer has a four-litre capacity, and can fit up to six soda cans. Use it to store baby food or bottles, medicine, snacks and drinks while you're on the road. If you want to keep beverages or food warm, flip a switch to maintain internal temperatures of up to 65 degrees Celsius. What makes this a great find for cars, is the included 12V car charger to keep it powered in the vehicle. Users bring it along to road trips and to transport medicine on the go. They say it cools drinks within 45 minutes. Check out other mini fridges.

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9. Best Headrest Hooks: Etre Jeune Car Purse Hook, 2-Pack

Does sudden braking cause all your stuff in the backseat to tumble over each other? Get this two-pack headrest hook set to hang your handbag, grocery bags, umbrellas and even clothes in an organised manner. The Etre Jeune headrest hooks are made with heavy-duty stainless steel, so they hold big loads without snagging or breaking. They're also covered in stitched leather to match your car interior. Each item in the pack carries a double hook to make room for more things. Some reviewers repurpose them as phone holders for little ones watching TV in the back.

10. Best Car Storage Box: Roadpower Car Trunk Organiser

Stop items from rolling around in your car trunk and running into each other, with this Roadpower organiser. Made of high-quality faux leather, the box has sturdy handles so you can easily position it where you like. Store sports equipment, groceries, emergency tools and more in the three compartments, for quick grab-and-go. And if you need more space in your car trunk, the box easily collapses flat to three inches. Reviewers say the box looks luxurious and has sturdy handles for hauling the items around. It's also helpful on long road trips to keep necessities sorted

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