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Dubai: Hundreds of people participated in the funeral of famous Egyptian YouTuber Mustafa Hafnawi, who died on Monday after suffering from a brain stroke, local media reported.

The popular, 25-year-old, Hafnawi was in coma after he suffered a brain atrophy that affected the left part of his brain. Hafnawi passed away in a hospitall in Cairo according to his friends’ accounts on social media.

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Hafnawi, who is widely known through social media platforms and has more than 198,000 follower on his YouTube channel, was admitted to an intensive care unit and was under respiratory support after being diagnosed with a brain stroke.

According to media and friends Hafnawi went to hospital after he felt a severe pain in his abdomen and left arm, by which he was misdiagnosed for colitis. Same day he went into coma after suffering severe complications due to a brain stroke.

His friend, Doctor Ali Ghazlan shared the story on Instagram, saying: “My friend Mustafa Hafnawi was with me and other friends when he suddenly suffered abdominal colic and pain in his left shoulder. He went to the hospital on his feet where he was diagnosed with colitis and then after six hours he lost consciousness. After which we discovered that he was misdiagnosed and that he had a brain stroke that caused a complete atrophy in the left part of his brain and a suspicion of paraplegia.”

He continued: "Please pray for him, Oh Allah we ask you to bless him with a swift recovery and grant his family patient patience ... He is now in a coma.”

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A state of grief and shock dominated social media platforms and a large number of social media influencers and celebrities after the announcement of the sad death of the young Egyptian YouTuber.

The hashtag #Mustafa_Hefnawy was the most popular hashtag on Twitter in Egypt, while thousands of tweets and posts in tribute of Hifnawi were published.

Egyptian singer Tamer Hosni visited him at the hospital and met his family and prayed for him. Following his death, Tamer Hosni and drama stars Hamdi Al Mirghani, Iman Al Assi and Rania Yousef among many others who mourned his death and asked Allah Almighty to rest his soul in peace.

Hafnawi was famous for presenting comedy videos on his Youtube channel, and also gained popularity for promoting and advertising corporate products through social networking channels.

Egyptian media published the last message sent by Hafnawi to his friends before his death. On July 27, Hafnawi asked his friends and followers, through his Facebook account, to recite Surat Al Fatiha for every deceased. Hafnawi said: “Let us read Surat Al Fatiha for every dead person, as a charity.”