Saudi bride fears envy, seeks apology card for not inviting close pals to wedding
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Dubai: A Saudi bride has taken an unprecedented decision to exclude her close friends from her wedding guest list. The surprising reason behind this exclusion, which has left many astonished, came to light through a viral WhatsApp conversation posted on social media.

According to reports, the bride reached out to a wedding photographer, requesting an apology card be designed for her friends. The card was intended to explain the bride's inability to invite them to her forthcoming wedding ceremony. The bride's justification for this decision, as revealed in the conversation, is the fear that her friends might become envious of her happiness due to their unmarried status.

Addressing her friends in the message, the bride wrote, " Hey there! I'm getting married next week, and my friends are older and still solo, no engagements either. Dad thinks it's best not to invite them, you know, to avoid any bad vibes and jealous stares."

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The photographer was dumbfounded, and he replied, "Whoa, that's a weird one! Never had a request like this before!" But the bride stuck to her guns, convinced her friends' jealousy could rain on her parade.

While it is not uncommon for individuals to be sensitive about their personal achievements and life milestones, the bride's decision has sparked discussions on social media platforms. Many users expressed their views, with some understanding her concerns, while others found the request to be unusual and even unsettling.

Envy, often referred to as the "evil eye" in certain cultures, is believed to bring misfortune to those who attract it. It appears that the bride's fear of her friends' envy has led her to take this unusual step in protecting her happiness and maintaining harmony among her circle.