Saudi rescues kid from being run over on highway
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Dubai: In a stunning display of quick thinking and courage, a Saudi citizen, Saleh Hajjaj Al Saleh, rescued a three-year-old child from being run over on the bustling King Abdul Aziz Highway in Dumat Al Jandal governorate in Al Jawf region.

Al-Saleh was dining at a restaurant when he noticed a child ignoring his parents and heading towards the highway, where vehicles were passing at high speeds.

Without hesitation, Al Saleh pursued the child, managing to catch him just in time, before a potential tragedy could unfold.

In an interview, Al Saleh expressed his gratitude, saying, "I was in a restaurant in Dumat Al Jandal in Al Jawf region, and I saw one of the children ignoring his parents and going out towards the highway, so I followed him, and thank God who made me a reason to save his life."

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A video of the incident shows the young child running in the middle of the designated road for cars, while AlSaleh rises and races after him, reaching him just in time and pulling him to safety.

The child's life was further spared due to the quick reaction of one of the car drivers, who managed to slow down.

The brave act has drawn widespread acclaim from onlookers at the site and inside the restaurant, as well as social media users, who have praised Al-Saleh's valour and rapid response.