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Dubai: Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has launched an Electronic Visa Waiver (EVW) for Britons to enter the Kingdom.

The new scheme allows British nationals, who intend to visit Saudi Arabia, to stay for up to six months on a single entry. The ministry said that the waiver is granted to UK citizens who wish to visit the Kingdom for the purposes of business, tourism, study and treatment.

The facility is designed to streamline entry procedures, providing an advanced and hassle-free travel for UK citizens.

The ministry announced that the e-visa can be obtained by completing an application form on the Unified National Visa Platform at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs visas portal at Applicants are allowed to submit their application between 90 days and 48 hours prior to their travel date to the Kingdom.

Upon submission, the visa approval will be sent to the applicant via email within 24 hours.

The UK launched a similar EVW facility for Saudi citizens in June 2022. There is no requirement for applicants to provide biometrics, attend a Visa Application Centre or hand in passports in advance of travel for an EVW. However, the visa requirements for work, study and settlement in the UK remain in place.