Saudi 9 year old ‘Snap star’ passes away Image Credit: Social Media

Dubai - The death of a Saudi girl, Dana Al Qahtani (9 years old), has caused a stirring sadness across social media in the region. She was a social media celebrity, and as the news of her untimely death broke, #وفاه_دانه_القحطانيی went viral on twitter.

Dana had a Snapchat account that she shared with her two sisters, Danh and Ghanati  - where they documented their day-to-day activity with their parents and at home.

Al Qahtani's father announced her death on his social media account, saying she suffered a sudden heart attack and was taken to a nearby hospital. However, she didn’t survive.

Dana's last Snapchat video was just an hour before the father posted this news online. That video documented a shopping trip with her father and sister at the mall. In one of the videos her father is seen teasing her that she won’t go with them to the mall, and saying that she will stay home.