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There are also concerns about storm surges potentially causing sea water inundation over low-lying coastal zones. Image Credit: Oman News Agency

Dubai: The intensity of the tropical cyclone ‘Tej’ has been downgraded from a Category 2 to a Category 1, according to Oman Meteorology.

Within the next 12 hours, it is expected to be further downgraded to a tropical storm, it said.

The current position of the cyclone’s centre is approximately 270 kilometers from the city of Salalah, moving in a west-northwest direction towards the coasts of Dhofar Governorate and Yemen, with wind speeds around its centre ranging from 64-82 knots.

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The weather chart analysis indicated that ‘Tej’ was set to degrade to a Category 1 tropical cyclone within the next 6 hours and it would make a landfall through Al Mahra Governorate in Yemen between tonight and tomorrow morning.

At that time, its location was 250km off the Salalah coast.

The direct impact of ‘Tej’ has led to significant rain and wind in parts of the Dhofar Governorate. Areas are expecting continued heavy rainfall, ranging from 50-300 mm, accompanied by fresh to very severe winds (40-70 knots).

Marine conditions are deteriorating, with rough seas anticipated between 5-10 meters. There are also concerns about storm surges potentially causing sea water inundation over low-lying coastal zones.

Oman’s Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has advised residents and visitors to exercise utmost caution. Crossing valleys or being in low-lying areas is strongly discouraged, as is any sea-related activity during this period.

Relief efforts are underway, with Oman News Agency (ONA) reporting significant preparations in Dhofar. The Relief and Shelter Sector has mobilised 69 shelter centres with a total capacity of around 15,000 people.

Currently, 30 of these centres are active, housing 4,471 individuals, including 840 Omanis and 3,631 residents.

Heavy rainfall, resulting directly from the effects of the tropical cyclone ‘Tej’, has been observed in various Willayats of Dhofar Governorate.

Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia seemed to dodge the direct wrath of Cyclone Tej, with the National Centre of Meteorology (NCM) affirming no direct impact on the Kingdom.

Yet, the indirect effects were anticipated to manifest as moderate to heavy rain accompanied by dusty surface winds in specific regions from Tuesday to Thursday.