Sharjah: A 25-year-old Pakistani man who was injured while operating a welding machine had to have his hand amputated on Saturday morning.

The man, who was identified as S.Sh.A., was working at an air conditioning repair workshop in Sharjah's industrial area when the incident occurred. It is believed that the worker was not technically qualified for the job. He mistakenly inserted his hand into the machine and was taken to Al Qasimi Hospital.

The workshop owner has been charged with negligence and employing unskilled labour. “It is illegal and risky to employ unskilled workers in positions that require technical skills,” an official at Sharjah Police told Gulf News.

An orthopaedic specialist at Al Qasimi Hospital said the man was brought to hospital after a welding machine pierced his left arm, penetrating the bone. The medical staff performed a surgery on the hand to avoid any rupture to arteries as the object had sharp edges.