The truck and a four-wheel-drive vehicle on fire after an accident on Yas Road in Abu Dhabi, heading towards Dubai. Image Credit: Abu Dhabi Police

Abu Dhabi: An Emirati woman died when her car caught fire after she crashed into the back of a truck, Abu Dhabi Police revealed.

A source at the police said that the woman, who was driving a four-wheel-drive vehicle, ran into the truck from behind on Yas Road, heading towards Dubai.

The accident took place at 5 pm on Monday.

Both cars were towed away and the woman’s body was transported to the preventive medicine section of a hospital. The source pointed out that police cars and ambulances were instantly dispatched to the location of the accident, and that investigators immediately got to work to determine the cause of the crash.

Abu Dhabi Traffic police ensured that the flow of traffic was not disrupted in the area, as work got under way to clean up the accident site.

Abu Dhabi Police urged motorists and road users to abide by traffic laws in order to ensure their safety, and called on them to maintain a safe distance between vehicles and remain focused on the road to avoid dangerous traffic accidents. The police also called on motorists to abide by speed limits.

The police reaffirmed that the safety of motorists and road users is one of its top priorities.