Icicles in Raknah area, Abu Dhabi
Icicles in Raknah area, Abu Dhabi Image Credit: Instagram/@storm_ae

Time to get your thick winter sweaters out, the UAE recorded its lowest temperature so far this winter in Abu Dhabi’s Raknah area this morning at -2°C.

The National Center of Meteorology (NCM) made the recording at 5:15am Saturday morning.

According to a representative from the NCM, northeasterly to easterly winds are cooling down the temperatures and such conditions are expected to last till Monday.

The representative also said that Raknah area, which is in Al Ain, gets colder than other parts of the UAE because of its location. However, temperatures around the area and in the surrounding cities are comparatively higher.

“The cold air mass moving from the east and northeast is causing the dip in temperatures,” he said.

Starting Tuesday, the wind direction is expected to change to northwesterly winds and pleasant temperatures are expected to continue.

Residents spot icicles

This morning, videos of residents finding icicles in the area circulated online. Instagram account @storm_ae shared clips.

Speaking about the weather expected in the coming week, the official added that skies will be looking partly cloudy with little to no chance of rainfall.

Clouds are expected to appear in the west of the UAE, in Abu Dhabi and around coastal areas.