Image Credit: GN Archives

Dubai: Forecasters have urged motorists to drive with caution in the early mornings of this weekend due to possible fog or mist formation.

Visibility may deteriorate in the early mornings of Friday and Saturday in internal and coastal areas, especially going to the west.

“We will be issuing a warning for motorists this weekend due to fog or mist. If it’s dense fog, it could cause visibility to decrease to maybe less than 1,500 metres at times. But if it’s mist, visibility could go down to 1,500m to 2,000m. There is fog or mist formation at this time because the track of wind affecting this part of the country is humid and coming from the sea. So when the temperature is down at night, the air becomes saturated, resulting in fog or mist,” a forecaster told Gulf News.

There will also be a slight decrease in temperatures of about 1 degree Celsius to 2C over the next two days across the country.

“This temperature drop is not significant yet, but residents can expect a daily decrease in temperature beginning mid-November until December [when winter officially starts],” the forecaster said.

The average temperature along coastal areas such as Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah will be between 30C and 34C, and it will be between 32C and 36C in internal areas, and 20C and 26C in mountain areas.

The UAE will have partly cloudy skies in some areas, especially along the mountains.

Forecasters also advised residents to avoid heading out to sea on Saturday morning as it could be rough at times with two- to three-foot-high waves onshore and six-foot waves offshore.