Paterio, 52, a Filipino expatriate living in Fujairah, is the latest winner of the weekly Mahzooz draw. Image Credit: Clint Egbert/Gulf News

Dubai: Paterio, 52, a Filipino expatriate living in Fujairah, is the latest winner of the weekly Mahzooz draw. Paterio won Dh10 million in the draw.

Paterio, who works as a materials contract supervisor in Fujairah for an oil and gas company, said his happiness knew no bounds as this was certainly a life-changing moment for him.

The Filipino expat whose family lives in the south of Philippines in Laguna said he is grateful for the win.

Paterio, who picked random numbers for the draw, said he could not even recollect the numbers he had picked! “I definitely did not think the numbers would win me Dh10 million.”

He said it was a massive stroke of luck that he had won Dh10 million.

Farid Samji, CEO of Mahzooz, who was present at the winning announcement, said such outcomes make one believe in the power of a superior energy.

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Paterio said his younger son had cerebral palsy and a good amount of the prize money will go towards his medical treatment and care. “It’s God's blessing that I have won such a big amount." Paterio said a significant portion of the prize money will also be spent in funding the education of his elder son who is currently studying dentistry.

"This is a life-changing moment for my family," Paterio added.

Paterio, who has been living in the UAE for three years, said he would like to invest part of his winning in the UAE. “The UAE has been my safe zone during the pandemic. The country takes care of its residents so well. Winning such a big amount makes me want to invest here in the UAE in order to secure my future and that of my family.”

Paterio scooped the Dh10 million prize money after matching five out of the five winning numbers, which were 4, 26, 36, 37, and 38. Paterio is now Mahzooz’s 19th millionaire. He is also the first top-prize winner in Mahzooz’s new game design, which was introduced two weeks ago.

A big house followed by some real estate investments are next on Paterio’s wish list. “A family house has been my wife’s greatest dream for years and now it’s time to finally grant her that wish,” he said.

The self-confessed motor fan plans to buy a Ford Raptor, not as a treat for himself, he clarifies, but for a prudent investment: “The pickup truck is for a business that my wife and I plan to invest the prize money in. I’m a normal guy who enjoys a simple, low-profile life. The fact that this money allows me to offer my family a beautiful future is the greatest gift of all for me,” Paterio explained.

“I’ve spent the last decade, toiling away alone in Madagascar, Saudi Arabia and the UAE, just to ensure my family is comfortable. It’s time for me to be with them and help care for my children,” he said.

The 50th weekly live Mahzooz Grand Draw also saw 16 winners share the second prize of Dh1 million and 884 winners bag the third prize of Dh350 each. Additionally, three winners took home Dh100,000 each in the raffle draw that features three guaranteed winners every week.

Entrants can participate in Mahzooz by registering via and purchasing a bottle of water for Dh35. The next weekly live grand draw and raffle draw will be held on November 13 at 9pm, UAE time.