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Visitors can also feed the penguins Image Credit: Supplied

Abu Dhabi: Visitors to Al Ain Zoo can feed a group of Humboldt penguins, and learn more about how these endangered birds can be protected from extinction.

The zoo explained that the feeding experience – called the Penguin Encounter - is divided into two parts. The first involves visitors feeding the penguins and enjoying direct contact with the birds, which are always excited to get their favourite food of small fish. During this session, visitors can also get a few pictures.

Following this, visitors can watch expert carers feed the penguins their daily meals as they freely manoeuvre between water and land, thus learning more about the birds’ behaviour and the zoo’s conservation efforts.

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Small fish are favourite meals for these marine creatures Image Credit: Supplied

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Visitors can also learn about the daily care regimes applied by the zoo in the birds’ carefully recreated habitat, which extends over 150 square meters, with a three-metre-deep pool that occupies 60 per cent of the enclosure. The penguins’ living space is equipped with a 24-hour filtration system, and is cleaned every day to ensure the safety of both the birds and zoo visitors.

Visitors can enjoy the Penguin Encounter by booking in advance through the zoo’s call centre.