Arrivals at Dubai International Airport receive gifts from Dubai Customs officials that carry an identification code to allow them to participate in the ideas' survey Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: The Dubai Customs’ Passenger Operations Department has launched an initiative called ‘Let’s Innovate Together’ for passengers to actively participate in offering ideas to improve customs services. Passengers can scan the identification code on gifts distributed to them.

Around 1,100 passengers who arrived at Dubai International Airport participated in a recent survey. The relevant departments at Dubai Customs will review the submitted ideas, and the feasible ones will be developed. The most innovative ideas have a chance of winning a $1,000 (around Dh3,670) prize.

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Leading ideas

The participation of passengers has generated “high-quality” ideas that will support Dubai Customs’ efforts to provide the best customs services and facilities. The ideas submitted were diverse, ranging from proposing a machine that prints customs certificates by scanning the Emirates ID or customs representative card, to suggesting the use of smart apps to save time and effort during peak travel times, such as an electronic phone application to scan passports.