Al Ain/Ras Al Khaimah: Two boys drowned after falling into a deep pond on Tuesday, at a farm in Al Ain where their fathers work, Gulf News has learnt.

Meanwhile, an 18-year-old Arab man drowned at Rams beach in Ras Al Khaimah on Tuesday afternoon while his brother and cousin were rescued.

The Al Ain accident took place on Tuesday evening. The two Asian boys slipped and fell into the pond as they were playing on the farm.

The two children were identified as O.Th., 6 and M.O., 7.

A watchman on the farm initially prevented the two children from approaching the pond but, when he left the area for a while, the two children returned.

There was a fence surrounding the pond but the boys scaled it. They slipped and fell into the pond.

The incident came to the light after the mother of one of the boys wondered where her son was and the family started searching for them.

Finally the father spotted his son floating on the surface of the pond. The other child’s body was found at the bottom of the pond.

Al Ain Police received the emergency call around 5.30pm.

The father called nearby residents for help, but was not able to rescue the boys on time. The two were later pronounced dead on arrival at hospital. They were buried at Al Mutawa cemetery.

Following the incident, police in Al Ain urged parents to exercise caution and watch over their children carefully — particularly when they are playing near wadis or ponds.

Colonel Sulaiman Mohammad Al Kazi, director of Al Rams Police, said the police operation room received a call at 3.30pm saying three Arab youths were in danger of drowning in the sea.

The three were swimming in Al Rams area on Tuesday when one of them identified as A.H.A., 18, was drawn in by strong currents, prompting beach visitors to call the police.

The police rescue team in cooperation with volunteers managed to pull two of them — them deceased ’s brother identified N.H.A, ,17, and his cousin identified N.M.N., 21 — out of the water. They were given first aid at the scene and then moved to the hospital for treatment.

The body of the deceased was moved to a hospital morgue and would later be handed over to his family for burial, authorities said.

Police urged the public to avoid dangerous beach areas when they go swimming and to follow instructions posted at the beach.