Monica Valrani, CEO of Ladybird Nursery Dubai Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Though travelling with children may seem to be daunting to some, it is possible for the experience to be hassle-free, if planned well. There are many ways to make the time spent together perfect, while on a plane or train, or even in a car. First and foremost, remember a handy backpack is every parent’s best friend. These free up the hands, allowing for better control over luggage or strollers, or even just to hold a nervous little one’s hand (and avoid a dreaded Home Alone scenario).

Long flights or road trips might be boring for a child, so to keep things interesting, parents can take a small bag along. This can include travel items such as colouring books, crayons and inexpensive toys. Children can be kept in the dark about the contents until about half an hour into the journey, when they can delve into its depths and have a great time exploring the stuff.

Encouraging children to have a travel journal is another way to keep them busy. Those that are old enough to put pen to paper can jot down their thoughts and opinions, while younger children can doodle in these, capturing their exposure to new cultures and experiences. Parents can also print out some of their favourite images to stick into the journal, with polaroids being a trendy choice at the moment. This is a lovely way for children to reminisce on an incredible trip at a later stage.

Bearing in mind the child’s comfort is also an important aspect of easy travel. It is a good idea to plan trips in line with a child’s sleeping patterns or routine. This will ensure they are not awake when they are usually sleeping, preventing them from becoming short tempered due to exhaustion. Also ensuring that they are dressed in airy loose clothing helps, as it boosts their comfort levels during the journey.

Another quick tip is to have at hand a couple of sick bags. Keeping them accessible, not locked up in a bag or suitcase, proves to be very convenient should the need arise.

When the little ones are entertained and well rested, trips can prove to be a great opportunity for family bonding, setting the tone for a lovely holiday and even better memories to follow.

-The writer is the CEO of Ladybird Nursery Dubai