Abu Dhabi Police rewarding a responsible motorist as part of Arab Traffic Week, which ends on May 10 Image Credit: Supplied

Abu Dhabi: Motorists being observed by Abu Dhabi Police are being pulled over - for safe driving.

The move is part of Arab Traffic Week, which ends on May 10, and sees responsible drivers being presented gifts by the police’s Happiness Patrol and Adnoc Distribution Company.

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Colonel Nasser Abdullah Al Saadi

Colonel Nasser Abdullah Al Saadi, the head of security information in the Security Media Department of the police, said the initiative included the distribution of the Happiness Patrol gifts and cards for refuelling provided by Adnoc, besides brochures that include digital awareness barcodes on the importance of adhering to safe driving and not being distracted on the road.

He urged drivers to continue adhering to their commitment to avoid traffic violations.

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Major Nasser Saleh bin Badouh Al Darmaki, head of Happiness Patrol at the Directorate of Traffic and Security Patrol, said the honour serves as a motivation for drivers for follow positive traffic behaviours.

The slogan for the GCC-wide Arab Traffic Week, represented in the UAE by the Ministry of Interior, is ‘With our awareness, we arrive safely’.

Brigadier General Engineer Hussein Ahmed Al Harithi

Brigadier General Engineer Hussein Ahmed Al Harithi, Chairman of the Federal Traffic Council, said the significance of Arab Traffic Week lies in promoting road safety and reinforcing traffic regulations. Each year, a specific theme is chosen to address key traffic challenges, aiming to reduce accident rates. He highlighted the importance of community awareness and underscored the Ministry of Interior and the Police General HQs’ commitment to conducting awareness campaigns throughout the week.

He pointed out that awareness programmes will continue beyond this week, operating year-round to achieve long-term strategic goals in safeguarding lives and property.