Still from police video showing a collision after a driver jumps the red light at an intersection in Abu Dhabi Image Credit: Screengrab/X

Abu Dhabi: The dangers of crossing a red traffic light have again been highlighted in a new video shared by Abu Dhabi Police on Saturday, showing serious accidents caused by the violation.

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The 49-second clip of two accidents was posted on the police’s social media channels. It was released by Abu Dhabi Police, in cooperation with the Monitoring and Control Centre, as part of the ongoing Arab Traffic Week, being held under the slogan ‘With our awareness, we arrive safe’. The move is also part of the ‘#YourComment’ initiative, which seeks to engage motorists on social media and raise road safety awareness.

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Distracted drivers

The Traffic and Security Patrols Directorate at Abu Dhabi Police warned drivers of the dangers of being distracted while driving because of using the mobile phone, which leads to loss of concentration, and is one of the main reasons for jumping a red light.

Abu Dhabi Police have in the past posted footage of car crashes at traffic signals on their social media channels to highlight the danger of jumping the lights. The force said many drivers were fined for jumping the red light, often due to distracted driving and lack of attention.

Heavy fines

Crossing the red light by light vehicles results in a Dh1,000 fine, 12 black points, and a 30-day vehicle seizure.

Abu Dhabi Police also emphasised Law No. 5 for 2020 on the impoundment of vehicles in the emirate of Abu Dhabi, according to which reckless drivers will have to pay fines up to Dh50,000 in order to get their cars released from the police.

If fines are not paid and impounded cars are not claimed within three months, the vehicles are auctioned.

A car can be impounded:

• When a driver jumps a red light,

• When a driver is reckless on the road,

• When a driver drives a vehicle with an obscured, concealed or distorted licence plate,

• When a driver is involved in unauthorised road racing; and

• When a driver deliberately collides into a police car.