Abu Dhabi Police distracted driving
Image Credit: Abu Dhabi Police

Abu Dhabi: Authorities have called upon drivers to avoid distractions while behind the wheel, especially while crossing intersections and traffic signals.

On Friday, Abu Dhabi Police issued a stern warning in a tweet to motorists showing the adverse consequences of distracted driving, with videos of smash-ups at road intersections.

Dh800 fine, four black points

Highlighting the dangers of distractions while behind the wheels, Abu Dhabi Police stressed that such actions are punishable by fines amounting to Dh800 and four traffic points.

Additionally, Abu Dhabi Police, in collaboration with the Monitoring and Control Centre, has shared a video highlighting the risks associated with pedestrians crossing roads at unauthorized locations.

Jaywalking: Dh400 fine

The Directorate General of Traffic and Patrols has urged pedestrians to prioritise safety by utilising designated crossing points, such as bridges and tunnels, and adhering to pedestrian traffic lights synchronised with vehicular signals at intersections.

Emphasising the importance of following proper road-crossing protocols, Abu Dhabi Police underscored that haphazard pedestrian crossings are a leading cause of accidents. Pedestrians are urged to ensure the absence of oncoming vehicles before crossing and to comply with traffic regulations.

In a video campaign, the force also urged pedestrians to use the designated crossing points. One of the most common causes of run-over accidents is incorrect road crossing.

Abu Dhabi Police reaffirmed their commitment to pedestrian safety, citing ongoing efforts to enhance conditions. Measures include the construction of bridges, improved pedestrian crossings, the implementation of signal-controlled surface corridors, and the installation of barriers along roadsides to mitigate risks.

Drivers were also advised to prioritise pedestrian safety by reducing speeds and remaining vigilant for pedestrian activity on roadways. Abu Dhabi Police emphasized that ensuring pedestrian security is a collective responsibility shared by both pedestrians and drivers alike.

Enforcing Article 89 of the Federal Traffic Law, Abu Dhabi Police impose fines of Dh 400 on pedestrians found crossing roads outside designated areas.

In 2021, 7,800 pedestrians in Abu Dhabi were fined for jaywalking, according to Abu Dhabi Police data.