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Dubai traffic violations: Report rash driving, illegal racing and more with Dubai Police's 'Police Eye' service. Image Credit: Gulf News Archives

Dubai: If you have witnessed rash driving, had a vehicle suddenly swerve ahead of you, or were woken up by the roaring sound of a car engine, you can easily report it in a few seconds to Dubai Police either on your smartphone - through the ‘Police Eye’ service - or by calling 901.

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In a recent online post, Dubai Police encouraged motorists to use the service. The video explained that people can either take a video (if they are safely able to do so) of the incident and upload to the ‘Police Eye’ service on the Dubai Police app or call 901 and provide the details and location of the traffic violation.


Don't tie up emergency lines! Call 901 for non-urgent traffic issues

Dubai Police’s non-emergency hotline – 901 is for non-urgent cases. According to data released by Dubai Police, in 2018, 70 per cent of the calls received by the police on the 999 hotline were, in fact, non-emergency inquiries. So, instead of holding up the emergency line 999, residents and visitors are advised to call 901, to alleviate the pressure off emergency responders.

If you witnessed rash driving, or if a vehicle has blocked your way, you can call 901, and request for the ‘We Are All Police’ service by choosing option 2, then 5, and then 1.

It is important to note that you can only complain about traffic violations on Dubai roads.

How to use Dubai Police's ‘Police Eye’

The ‘Police Eye’ service allows people in Dubai to collaborate with the police to report any suspicious activity in the emirate. The types of crimes that can be reported through the service are public disturbances, vandalism, human trafficking, crimes against women and children, begging, or traffic violations. The online service plays a significant role in the work to enhance public safety and community well-being’.

‘Police Eye’ is available through the ‘Dubai Police’ app, and it allows users to upload videos, photos, or voice messages. In the last five years, Dubai Police has received over 100,000 complaints through ‘Police Eye’

In a press conference this year, Dubai Police highlighted how the Police Eye service had received many complaints and reports about young people gathering in the desert for illegal racing, which helped them take the necessary action to stop the practice.

To use the ‘Police Eye’ service, follow these steps:
• Open the ‘Dubai Police’ app, which is available for iOS and Android users, and tap on the ‘Police Eye’ service at the bottom of your screen.
• You will then get the options for the type of illegal activity you would like to report. If you want to report a traffic violation, select ‘Traffic Reports’.
• You will then be asked to enter details of the incident, along with the location of where the incident happened and the option to add an image or video.
• Once you have entered the details, tap on ‘Report’.

The service works around the clock and you also have the option to file the report anonymously. Based on the nature of the report, all tip-offs are transferred immediately to the relevant departments.